How can we help strengthen your business?

How can we help strengthen your business?

Building strong, resilient businesses in South Africa.

Kettle Consulting is your growth partner, delivering solutions that are innovative, holistic, and sustainable.

On the cutting edge of South African business.

Kettle Consulting has been in operation since 2010 with the mission of providing access and professional consulting services to all participants in the South African economy.
We believe that we have the skills and expertise in all areas of financial management, audit and accounting to service enterprises of any size.

Our work is undergirded and powered by our core values:

Our Vision

To be the leading advisory firm of choice.

With the global economy under threat owing to various socioeconomic and geopolitical developments, the future of business may seem uncertain. The need to adapt is a matter of exigency. We help businesses see beyond the fray to understand and stem risks, and to uncover current future opportunities.

Management Consulting

We are dedicated to helping organisations transform, restructure, and optimise performance, ensuring sustainable growth.

Audit & Assurance Consulting

Beyond just audits, we help your company navigate both regulatory and compliance-based concerns through deep engagement.

Accounting & Allied Services

Keeping track of inflow and outflow of money is fundamental. Kettle helps you take of the basics so that you can focus on growth.

Compliance & Tax Advisory

From tax optimisation to strategic tax planning to management all your compliance burdens, Kettle is the right partner.

Data Analytics & Strategy

We work with you to use your data to gain the insight and foresight needed to drive business strategy, growth and long-term performance.

Resilience Consulting & Futureproofing

Build resilience and manage change. We help businesses navigate challenges, recover from disruptions, and thrive in an ever-changing business environment.

You are in good company.

For years, we have built a reputation as a trusted growth partner for a diverse cast of clients both in the private and public sector.

Recent Insights

Read insights produced by our in-house consultants, featuring subject matter related to our various areas of expertise.

internal audit internal auditor in south africa

Internal Auditor Essentials — The Critical Role of an Internal Auditor for Business Success in 2024 and Beyond

Unlock the potential of your South African company with expert internal audit services. Our internal auditors provide comprehensive risk management, fraud prevention, and performance evaluations to enhance efficiency, ensure compliance, and safeguard your business's future. Partner with our seasoned team for a strategic approach to internal controls and governance. Start realising the immediate benefits of a streamlined operation and fortified risk management today.

Speak to us about measuring and optimising your business health and performance.

Engage our team of Management Consultants to measure and improve the health of your business.

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