How can we help strengthen your business?

How can we help strengthen your business?


Financial Ratios for SMEs and why our Business Health Check

Understanding essential Financial Ratios for SMEs and why our Business Health Check Tool can Help

For small business owners, understanding key financial ratios is not just about keeping the ledger in black. It’s about strategic planning, risk management, and paving the way for sustainable growth and potential turnaround. Our innovative Business Health Check Tool is designed to simplify this critical analysis, providing essential insights that empower businesses to flourish.
Finance as a Service (FaaS): Empowering Growth and Efficiency for Businesses in South Africa

Finance as a Service (FaaS): Empowering Growth and Efficiency for Businesses in South Africa

The Kettle Consulting Finance as a Service (FaaS) model is a strategic solution designed to provide not only financial support but also a competitive edge. We are moving to bridge the gap in financial skill shortages across critical areas like auditing, taxation, and financial analysis. Our FaaS solution offers flexible, scalable financial expertise on demand, eliminating the need for full-time skilled financial staff.
Finance as a Service (FaaS): Empowering Growth and Efficiency for Businesses in South Africa

Emerging and Current Risks African Governments Should Manage for the Rest of 2024

Discover the critical risks African governments must manage in 2024, from conflicts in Sudan and global economic decoupling to the disproportionate impact of climate change. This article explores the urgent need for robust governance, strategic policy-making, and international cooperation to navigate and mitigate these challenges. Learn about the economic and debt crises, the effects of rapid urbanization, and the geopolitical shifts that could affect the continent. Understand the importance of addressing health emergencies, combating misinformation, and leveraging Africa's youthful population for sustainable growth. Stay informed on the essential strategies for ensuring regional stability and development in Africa.

Are State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Hindering South Africa’s Benefits amid a Weaker Rand?

Discover how state-owned enterprises (SOEs) impact South Africa's economy amid a weaker Rand. Explore the dual effects of a depreciated currency on export sectors and the challenges faced by critical SOEs like Transnet and Eskom. Learn about collaborative solutions and policy reforms to leverage the competitive pricing of the Rand on the global stage. Dive into strategies for economic revitalization, addressing key issues to ensure sustainable growth and export expansion.
ESG reporting in south africa

Advancing Sustainability: Unveiling ESG Reporting Trends in South Africa

Explore the transformative journey of ESG reporting in South Africa with our comprehensive analysis. Uncover trends, challenges, and the strategic role of sustainability in business and finance. Download the full paper for in-depth insights into fostering a sustainable future.
internal audit internal auditor in south africa

Internal Auditor Essentials — The Critical Role of an Internal Auditor for Business Success in 2024 and Beyond

Unlock the potential of your South African company with expert internal audit services. Our internal auditors provide comprehensive risk management, fraud prevention, and performance evaluations to enhance efficiency, ensure compliance, and safeguard your business's future. Partner with our seasoned team for a strategic approach to internal controls and governance. Start realising the immediate benefits of a streamlined operation and fortified risk management today.