How can we help strengthen your business?

How can we help strengthen your business?

Finance as a Service (FaaS): Empowering Growth and Efficiency for Businesses in South Africa

The Kettle Consulting Finance as a Service (FaaS) model is a strategic solution designed to provide not only financial support but also a competitive edge. We are moving to bridge the gap in financial skill shortages across critical areas like auditing, taxation, and financial analysis. Our FaaS solution offers flexible, scalable financial expertise on demand, eliminating the need for full-time skilled financial staff.

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As a leader in management consulting and accounting, Kettle Consulting is at the forefront of innovative financial solutions designed to meet the complex needs of medium and large enterprises, including multinationals venturing into South Africa. We are proud to roll out our Finance as a Service (FaaS) offering, a strategic solution that provides not just financial support but a competitive edge for growing businesses and large corporates seeking cost efficiencies.

The ongoing exodus of financial skills in South Africa presents significant challenges for businesses across the country. There is a critical shortage in key financial areas such as external auditing, taxation, actuarial management, financial analysis, and cost and management accounting. These shortages are part of a broader issue that impacts not only financial services but also municipal governance and service delivery, evidenced by the substantial reliance on financial reporting consultants due to insufficient in-house expertise

In this context, Finance as a Service (FaaS) emerges as a game-changing solution, particularly valuable for its ability to provide flexible and scalable financial expertise. FaaS can mitigate the impact of the skills shortage by offering access to a broad range of financial services on-demand, without the need for businesses to employ full-time, skilled financial staff. This model is not only cost-effective but also allows companies to adapt quickly to changing financial and regulatory environments, ensuring that they always have access to top-tier financial expertise tailored to their specific needs.

FaaS is particularly crucial for addressing the needs of both growing businesses and large corporates, which may struggle to find and retain qualified financial professionals due to the competitive and limited talent pool. By adopting a FaaS model, companies can overcome these challenges, focusing on core business growth while leaving complex financial management to external experts. This approach not only helps in managing operational costs but also improves business agility and compliance, making it an ideal response to the prevalent skills shortages in the South African financial landscape.

Understanding Finance as a Service (FaaS)

Finance as a Service harnesses the latest in cloud technology to deliver essential financial services on a scalable and flexible basis. FaaS encompasses everything from day-to-day accounting to high-level financial strategy and analytics, allowing companies to outsource these critical functions to experts and focus on their core business operations.

Virtual CFO and Integrated Financial Team

Our FaaS solution is tailored to the unique landscapes of our clients, focusing particularly on the integration of a Virtual CFO, enhanced procurement services, and a dedicated finance team

  • Virtual CFO: This pivotal service involves a top-level finance executive who engages with clients remotely, providing senior financial leadership without the overhead associated with a full-time executive. Our Virtual CFOs offer strategic insights, drive financial planning, manage risk, and ensure compliance. They are especially beneficial for SMEs and growing businesses that need executive-level financial guidance but cannot yet justify the cost of a full-time CFO.
  • Procurement and Finance Team: Effective procurement strategies are vital for managing costs and optimising spending. Our FaaS includes a dedicated team that integrates with your operations, helping to negotiate and manage supplier contracts, conduct cost analyses, and streamline purchasing processes. This service is critical for businesses looking to enhance their financial efficiency and for large corporations aiming to tighten their financial controls.
  • Finance Team Services: Beyond high-level strategy, our comprehensive finance team handles all aspects of financial management, from bookkeeping and regulatory compliance to financial reporting and analysis. This service ensures that all financial functions are carried out efficiently, accurately, and in compliance with local and international standards.

Our Strategy for Rolling Out FaaS

  • Customisation and Integration: Our approach begins with a thorough assessment of our client’s specific needs and business environment, especially for multinationals unfamiliar with South African financial regulations. We tailor our services to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate operational efficiency.
  • Technology-Driven Solutions: Utilising cutting-edge technologies and platforms, we offer real-time financial insights and data-driven decision-making tools. This allows businesses to stay agile and informed in the fast-paced market.
  • Scalable Service Offerings: From startups to established multinationals, our FaaS can scale according to business size and need. We provide everything from basic bookkeeping to complete outsourced CFO services.
  • Compliance and Risk Management: With deep expertise in local regulatory requirements, we help businesses navigate the complexities of South African and international finance law, minimizing risks and enhancing compliance.
  • Cost Efficiency: By adopting our FaaS, companies can significantly reduce costs associated with maintaining a full-scale financial department. Our clients benefit from expert services at a fraction of the cost of in-house teams.

Benefits of FaaS for Medium to Large Businesses

  • For Multinationals: Entering a new market like South Africa poses significant financial and regulatory challenges. Our FaaS provides the expertise to handle these complexities, allowing companies to focus on strategic market expansion activities.
  • For Growing Businesses: Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and growing businesses often struggle with the cost of hiring a full financial team. Our FaaS offers them access to expert services, enabling them to manage their finances efficiently without the heavy financial burden.
  • For Large Corporates: Even well-established corporations are under constant pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Our FaaS helps these organizations streamline their financial processes and improve profitability through strategic financial management and operational efficiencies.

Our Finance as a Service model is more than just an outsourcing solution, it is a strategic partnership that empowers businesses with flexibility, scalability, and expert financial management. Whether you are a multinational looking to establish a foothold in South Africa, a growing business needing robust financial guidance, or a large corporation seeking cost efficiencies, our FaaS provides the tools and expertise necessary for financial success.

Connect with us to discover how our innovative financial solutions can transform your business operations and drive sustainable growth. Let us help you navigate your path to financial excellence with our professional, tailored FaaS offerings.

You may email us at or call 011 025 1446 (Johannesburg) and 021 003 8000 (Cape Town).

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Justin E. Kettle

Managing Director

Kettle Consulting (PTY) Ltd

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