How can we help strengthen your business?

How can we help strengthen your business?


Our organisation has multiple expertise across a large range of industries. We use a fresh approach which enables our clients to see the world with a new perspective so that they can not only reinvent their business, but also the entire industry.


Communications are a significant driver of economic change as they provide a strategic tool to the evolution to a new way of working. Our teams have assisted a leading telecoms company in its turnaround through implementing key interventions on its network in assisting with effective balance sheet management


Changes in the South African landscape due to apartheid spacial planning, supply constraints and poverty create a unique challenge in the municipal landscape for electricity and water.  We have extensive experience supporting utilities in both the electricity and water sectors in the various municipalities which we are contracted to. 

Our key focus is designing and developing turnaround strategies which aid in operating effectiveness through optimising business models, by creating new ways of working. Our success in this field is understanding both the business and social requirements of municipal-owned entities they deliver value to citizens.


We help industry players create the change that matters, focusing on long-term sustainability that safeguards the connections we rely on most. Our teams have successfully delivered key interventions on inventory balance sheet management and revenue audits. This has allowed us to assist with identifying unique opportunities to change the aviation landscape.


Food security on our continent remains a consistent threat for South Africa. Our transaction advisory team has assisted the sector through various services which have lead to significant job creation and transformation.


The South African education landscape has significant challenges with rising demands to access to the system while institutions grapple with raising funds. Our teams have assisted major universities to optimize its assets to obtain the maximum use for those who utilise it.

Financial Services

Financial institutions are facing unprecedented market challenges with revenue and profit sources shifting, while cost pressures are rising. We have assisted our clients in the insurance industry to implement financial management systems to have a holistic view of the organisation in order to manage its cashflows and optimise its budgets.


Healthcare providers are under huge pressure with the rising demands of universal health requirements across South Africa. We have assisted multinationals to setup their organisational and financial systems to ensure more affordable health to its patients.


A strong social compact requires a thriving non profit sector. Our teams have assisted various non profits through our support in the audit environment and implementing financial controls which have assisted them to effectively raise finance to deliver on their mandate.

Real Estate

South Africa faces serious challenges relating to reparations, access to finance and multiple issues which directly have affected the transformation of the country. Our teams have assisted various clients with their development projects through feasibility studies and  assistance with financial institutions to raise capital.