How can we help strengthen your business?

How can we help strengthen your business?



Kettle Consulting uses the skills of a network of professionals with diverse skills and expertise to provide business solutions that address multiple aspects of a business, which gives us a competitive edge.

Management Consulting

Financial Management Consulting

Our management consultants must continuously re-invent themselves in order to ensure that the solutions they implement are resilient. Our offerings, help our clients to capitalize on opportunities to drive profitable growth, rethink organizational structure and reap the potential of information. Transforming Finance must be an enterprise-wide undertaking. Our Finance Advisory professionals have both finance and accounting knowledge, plus an underlying knowledge of enabling technologies to help our clients to capitalize on opportunities that will help them grow, improve and protect their businesses now and in the future.

Data Analytics

We help clients to extract the maximum value from all their data  through our unique approach of looking at the world differently.  Our experts collaborate with you to tackle the most daunting challenges, so you not only get results quickly but build the internal skills to evolve your organisation.

We apply the latest analytics techniques and tools to help clients generate insights that yield better, faster decisions. Our tool sets cover finance, customer data, market information, employees and many more drivers of your business.

Resilience Consulting

Given the increasing complexity and connected nature of risk, organisations must seek assurance beyond traditional risk management and business continuity practices, and towards organisation-wide resilience. In our experience, resilience is about the ability of an organisation to adapt, in an ever-evolving world of risk, to ensure continued success and growth in market share.

We have worked with many organisations in recent years to help with their organisational resilience journey. This includes helping organisations understand their current resilience environment, analysing the gaps to help prioritise activities, and helping to implement and embed resilience measures across the organisation.


External Audit

Audits are the fundamental building block of effective capital markets. Our audit teams  provides quality, integrity, technical excellence, exceptional service and a broad understanding of financial and non-financial factors using international standards recognised across the world.

Audits are more than just the numbers. It’s about attesting to accomplishments and challenges, and helping to assure strong foundations for future aspirations.

training and development

Accelerated Skills Development

As our training and development partner, Accelerated Skills Development empowers business owners and individuals to confidently interpret financial information and make sound business decisions. Partnered with Color Accounting International to change how people look at accounting. We facilitate Colour Accounting workshops to teach individuals and businesses the fundamentals of bookkeeping and accounting using colours and visual aids.