How can we help strengthen your business?

How can we help strengthen your business?

Strengthen and Grow Your Business through the

#Start SME Empowerment Programme

The #Start programme aims to empower SMEs to formalise and grow their businesses through hands-on learning and waiver of certain services.

The #Start SME Empowerment Programme is a 9-month intensive training program that takes you through core actions to take your business to the next level. You will receive FREE company registration and other important registrations to formalise your business.

By participating in the #Start programme, you will receive hands-on training on:

High-Impact Personal & Business Coaching

Being in the right mindset is crucial to business success. You will receive high-impact personal and business coaching from Janelle Kettle, Chief Operating Officer of Kettle.

Learn How to Write a Bankable Business Plan

Fail to plan and you are planning to fail! Every strong business starts with a solid business plan. Puleng Malakoane, Management Consultant at Kettle, will work with you to develop your business plan. Your finished plan will be bankable and ready to operationalise.

Learn how to operate your business efficiently and grow.

Running an efficient business operation is a critical skill needed for business growth. Justin Kettle, Managing Director at Kettle, will help you learn how to operate efficiently as you pursue business growth.

Learn How to Brand & Market Your Business

Humphrey Theodore K. Ng'ambi, Marketing & Technology Lead at Kettle, will help you define your brand and establish a marketing plan to promote your product or services. You will learn how to sell and use technology to take your business higher.

Understand & Manage Your Business Finances

You will undergo a one-day workshop called Color Accounting, which will teach you accounting in simple terms. You will learn how money flows into and out of your business, and how to make better business decisions based on this key knowledge. The Color Accounting workshop is facilitated by Janelle Kettle.

Learn How to Manage Your Business and Stay Compliant

Linda Mahabeer, Senior Bookkeeper at Kettle, will take you through day-to-day management principles as well as understanding your management accounts. Further, she will walk you through all the statutory filings your business will be subject to.

To be considered for the #Start programme, you must:

  • Have a running business

    Your business must have been operating for at least 6 months, whether formal or informal. You will be required to demonstrate this.

  • Show commitment and discipline

    Each participant will be required to complete an assignment before each subsequent Training Day.

  • Be ready and willing to show up

    We will publish a schedule for all Training Days during the 9 month programme. To be successful, participants must show up for ALL Training Days as there will be a lot of content and material delivered on each Training Day. Missing even one day is not an option!

  • Be ready to learn and grow!

    The programme will truly empower each participant and give you a strong grasp on the fundamentals of starting, running and growing your business. We encourage you to take FULL ADVANTAGE of this opportunity!

If you are confident that you can and will follow the rules above, we can't wait to hear from you! Fill out the form below to apply.

Successful applicants will be notified by 23 February, 2023.

This is an intensive programme that requires commitment. Are you able to attend workshops in person for 1 day each month from March through November 2023?