How can we help strengthen your business?

How can we help strengthen your business?

The Roots & Wings mentorship programme

Janelle Kettle is the Chief Operating Officer for Kettle Consulting and is mentoring Mapaseka Moate a Senior Underwriting Assistant at ITOO Special Risks.

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Janelle Kettle is the Chief Operating Officer for Kettle Consulting and is mentoring Mapaseka Moate a Senior Underwriting Assistant at ITOO Special Risks.

Janelle shared some of the operational strategies, organisations may have to re-think during this pandemic and after:

The three main areas of operational strategies that organisations need to re-think are 3P’s, People, Processes and Profit.

People: Organizations have a valuable opportunity to capitalize on the significant behavioural and cultural shifts of the past few months so that they carry across into a non-COVID world. Companies will need to adapt to evolving employee expectations and ways of working. Those include greater focus on meaningful work, flexibility and autonomy, continuous growth and connection. To make the shift needed, companies can build greater agility into their organisations and use people analytics to understand what drives employee engagement.

Process: Technology has enabled us to rethink the ways in which we perform fundamental activities in this crisis. This might mean developing omni-channel business models that combine digital and face-to-face offerings. This period is an opportunity for business leaders to explore how we can make greater use of technology to augment people so that we achieve productivity gains, improve the working lives of our employees, deliver better products and services to our customers and help drive higher economic growth. Although the impact of machine learning, artificial intelligence and advanced robotics will be disruptive, these technologies represent an enormous opportunity.

Profit: Corporate social innovation strategies can provide a positive impact on society as well as businesses’ bottom lines. Ok, so this will be remembered as the 2020 financial crises and the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to hit companies’ margins and profitability. Even during this financial crisis, corporations have the capacity to shape public policy; through corporate social responsibility programmes. Supporting small local business is just one way amongst others that large corporations can contribute to the greater South African economy during this time. Clearly, we won’t revert back to our old ways of living, working or doing business once the worst of the crisis has passed. During these uncertain times one thing we are certain of is that tomorrow is going to be very different – which is why we must start reframing the future today.

Mapaseka shared how the COVID19 situation has changed her working environment:

The Covid19 situation has changed my working environment in a way that I can now work from the comfort of my own home. And personally that’s the best thing ever because I’ve came to realise that I’m more effective when I’m working remotely rather than at the office, and that’s simply because at the office there are many distractions such as every 2 minute coffee breaks, little chit chats and the endless meetings. What I also enjoy  is that I do not have to spend time deciding on my outfit for the next day and spending time preparing myself in the morning while getting late. One more thing is that I do not have to be stuck in traffic since that was my worst nightmare. So, in short, working remotely is a dream come true and I actually get more work done and have had enough time to really understand and appreciate my family because I now spend more time with them.

How the Roots & Wings programme is impacting Mapaseka and Janelle:

Mapaseka: We are facing a global and economic crisis. I personally think that my Mentor and I met at the perfect time because I’ve come to realise that are ample opportunities and if it wasn’t because of the Roots & Wings programme I would not have the courage to take advantage of them. Having Janelle as my Mentor has unlocked the bravery in me and because of that, I believe in myself more than I ever did before. My entrepreneurial desire has come to existence as I am a proud owner of a delivery service in my township and that’s all because of Janelle’s support. My heart is full of gratitude and no words can describe how I’m feeling. I am transforming to becoming a wonderful and amazing woman and that’s all thanks to my Mentor. Power to the woman …………“WOMANDLA” that’s our slogan and the picture says it all.

Janelle: I had the privilege of hosting this session at my offices and physically meeting Mapaseka since our pairing event. We discussed all her goals that she has in all areas of her wheel of life and adjusted them based on the fact that we don’t know how long the pandemic will last. We also spoke at length about her career goals and clearly defined the plan in achieving these.